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New Episode of Spiritist Conversations: What Are Spiritist Passes?

Passes, the application of spiritual and magnetic healing energies, is a popular activity at Spiritist groups. How does it work? What can it do for us?

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Ressurection – A Deeper Easter

Easter is about how we will resurrect from holding the belief that only physical life matters and open ourselves up to new perspectives. Because there is no death, Easter is about life – and choosing to see it for what it really is.

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The Promise of December

It’s December – my favorite part of the year.

The holidays invite us to go inside and reflect — and for me, it’s time to leave other people’s Jesus behind.

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The Proper Place for Memories: Saying Goodbye to 27 Years Ago

The school that brought me to the US 27 years ago is closing. But the history and the emotions are staying. So, what do we do with all our memories?

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Person using a leaf blower

The Leaf Blower: A Closer Look

Is the leaf blower the perfect example of what we should NOT be doing with our lives?

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A view from Home Alaska

Beyond Fourth of July

It’s Fourth of July and I write to you from Alaska — the “last frontier”, as the state is known. But there’s much more to it.

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Praise for ORTD

“a book that succeeds in the tricky feat of being intriguingly spiritual without being explicitly religious.”

Kirkus Reviews

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