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Greetings from San Diego!

It's great to be back in San Diego. I've missed it.

Funny how when you are young, you think that staying home is punishment and, when you are older, that's all you want to do...

After spending the last week of September in Orlando, almost the entire month of October in the UK, and taking a quick trip to Houston in the first week of November, it was great to scrap the family's Thanksgiving travel plans and stay put in San Diego. Even if it is just for a couple of weeks before we hop on a plane for a trip to Europe in early December, there's something magical about sleeping on your own bed and not living out of a bag. The simple pleasures of life!

And then there is also the holiday season. My absolute favorite.

Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

What a great time to zoom out and think big: to be grateful for yet another year and to spend some time reflecting on what's most important. To tap into our higher aspirations and our spiritual side, if you will. I hope you have the time to do and feel all of that this holiday season.

But before we jump too far ahead, it all starts with Thanksgiving. May it be a great one for you and your people, wherever and whoever they may be!

In that same spirit, thank you for reading this -- and being part of my life. I count you as my people -- and would be honored to be considered your people too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: Up for a quick read on the meaning of Thanksgiving for me? Try this short blog post from 2018: Spiritually Thanksgiving.


Because the soccer World Cup is starting this week, and because it only happens every four years, I confess I may be a little distracted these days. Plus. the World Cup has also gotten me into a sports mood. I have followed it ever since I was little. So this month's rapid-fire section is a little different:


The highlight of November for me was the US Spiritist Symposium, an event I have attended for the past 16 years. I love it: I get to see friends I only meet once a year and make new ones.


    Memories from the 16th US Spiritist Symposium in Houston on November 5th.

    You can check out my talk on Living Well in the Present to Shape a Better Future -- it's only 30 minutes -- or check out this shared photo album from the event. All other talks are on YouTube too.

    I will be speaking at the Spiritist Society of San Diego today in a couple of hours. You can catch that on YouTube later if you are up for it.


      • "Welcome to Wrexham" on Hulu: a documentary about a struggling soccer team in Wales that has been bought by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney. Fascinating!
      • "Peyton's Places" on ESPN+: mini episodes with former quarterback Peyton Manning on the history of the NFL.
      • The World Cup, of course! If I were ever to bite my nails, this would be it. Please don't call or write during the important games! :)


      Speaking of zooming out, the second book is all about the scientific evidence for life after life -- a topic I often get asked about. "What proof is there for all the stuff you talk about, Dan?" Well, hopefully, you won't have to wait too much longer to find out. I made progress while in London, but it is not ready yet. (This one is proving to be a tough one because of all the research that goes into it.) But what I can tell you is that I am focusing on 5 different areas:
      • Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
      • Instrumental Transcommunication
      • Spontaneous memories of past lives
      • Memory regression
      • Mediumship
      If you think I left something out or just have suggestions, please reply to this email and let me know! I would love to hear from you.
      But, before this email gets too long, let me stop right here and wish you a great Thanksgiving. The World Cup is starting soon too, you know? :)

      See you next month!

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