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Happy Holidays -- in Advance!

I have shied away from social media these past months just because... I did not feel like it, to be honest. :) And as the end of the year approaches, I fall into a natural rhythm (for me, at least) or reflection. As I take the last weeks of the year to travel with the family and replenish, I wanted to drop you a quick line to say I appreciate you and hope December is filled with great moments -- unforgettable experiences, if you can. I am leaving everything else parked for the moment. :)

Here are some thoughts from Luxembourg yesterday so you can get a sense of the current mood:

Follow the road and ponder how far you have come.

From where you started to now, you have crossed rivers, climbed mountains, conquered valleys and plains, and experienced rain and sunshine. You have walked alone and with friends, late at night and early in the morning. Along the way, you have touched lives and changed your own.

So much has happened…

And the passing of time has given you the wisdom to see the world differently, although it remains the same.

Where have you truly come from?

Where will you go now?

Your road unfurls before you. The wind whispers softly, and the future beckons.
And on one afternoon amidst the woods in a foreign country, you breathe in the crisp cold November air and, surrounded by love, hear the crunch of leaves as you take a step forward into gratitude and what is yet to come…

Fare forward, traveler.
And here's the road that inspired it. :)
The behind-the-scenes moment here is simple: I get to ponder at times how a guy born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ended up in California -- with a couple of million miles of travel in between to places I never thought I would visit, such as Luxembourg. Life is indeed incredible -- and wonderful! I hope you get to wonder about all the "travel" you have done: geographic, emotional, spiritual... You have come far. You will go father still.

Have a great end of the year if we don't talk again! :)

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