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Move Aside Discomfort, These Emails Are Happening...

August is upon us and I still haven’t gotten better at these monthly emails. I am not quite sure if it is a case of writer’s block or simply me feeling a little bit weird about writing about myself. (Hint: it’s the latter. )

‘Truth is, I feel a little exposed and a tad insecure. A voice in my head keeps asking: “do they really want to know what I am up to?” So, after sitting with it for a little while, I’ve decided that I am going to leave that up to you. I am just going to reboot my enthusiasm and silence those pesky voices in my head for a little while — and trust that you are going to let me know what works for you and what doesn’t. Just hit reply to this email to tell me. I’m actually listening. (And don’t worry: this won’t be me posting pictures of what I am eating or what I am wearing. That’s just not me.)

So, what is happening?

What is happening is that I am in a reflective mood. My birthday is here, and that is always a good time to contemplate what I am doing and what I would like to be next. (And if you are up for it, I am running a fundraiser on Facebook for The Spiritist Institute for my birthday.)

The results of my contemplations so far?

I am really blessed. I am grateful for how this year has unfolded — and I could spend more time writing and working on my Spiritist projects. So that’s what I will focus on during the second part of this year. I do have a couple of balls in the air, so stay tuned. I should be able to share some fun updates next month — and look forward to your feedback!

In the meantime, here are some quick tidbits that may be of interest:

This is a sign

I saw this sign by Indiana University Health that really struck me.
Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into the space
I think is great. And I am excited to see that kind of thinking permeating the fabric of our society and no longer being just perceived as things hippies do. We could all benefit from this kind of thinking.

What I am writing

I have been stuck for a while now when it comes to book #2. Let's see if I can get it across the finish line before the end of the year. Keep asking me about it -- it helps me move forward.

In the meantime, my latest blog entry reflects on whether leaf blowers are a symbol of the problem-avoidance mindset our society seems to exhibit. A little different, I know, but check it out and let me know if that makes sense to you.

What I am reading

I am in an Arthur Conan Doyle phase, so this month I am re-reading all of his Sherlock Holmes work, plus A History of Spiritualism — an incredible book documenting some of the history of modern Spiritualism, something that is not often done (and/or done well). More on that in the future.

Where I am speaking

  • September: Orlando, FL — stay tuned for an in-person visit to some Spiritist groups in Orlando in September! More details to follow
  • November: Houston, TX — I am excited to speak at the US Spiritist Symposium and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the United States Spiritist Federation with the topic “Living Well in the Present to Shape a Better Future.” Registration is open.
That’s it for August. See you in September.

As usual, send me your thoughts!


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