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Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter! I'm thrilled and honored that you are interested in joining me in my adventures.

The idea behind this newsletter is simple: to offer an easy way to update and interact with folks who may be interested in my latest projects and perspectives. Specially with the new book launching, many of you have asked for a way to keep in touch. Of course, we have social media for those who like more frequent updates, but a monthly email seemed like a good way not to overwhelm those who want to know what I am up to without having to sort through their own social media feeds.

Both, hey, if you would like more details, by all means let's connect on social media!
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But in case you prefer the occasional email (and I am thinking one every month), then you are at the right place. My plan is to share general updates, events I will be taking part in, new blog entries, projects I am working on, etc. -- and have way to hear back from you too. (If you reply to this email, you should reach me. It may just take me a while to get back to you -- but I promise I will try to return every email that comes in.

For now, I can tell you that I happy to have launched my first book, Our Road to Damascus. This book has been my companion since late November of 2019 and was born about my own reflections about change and life. I am excited to put it out into the world to see what you think.
If you have any questions, please let me know!

So, thank you again for subscribing and joining me in this journey. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Look at that! I have a new website to help promote the book and share my latest projects!