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11 Days to Launch, so It's All About Our Road to Damascus Right Now...

... And then I can breathe a little easier. And have more time to work on other projects. And my family might like me a little better. :)

Oh, yeah, and happy belated Thanksgiving!
Any-who... Just 11 days to go, but who's counting anyway? This guy! :)

It's real now. I've been knee-deep in details for the upcoming release of Our Road to Damascus (ORTD). Final revisions, cover formatting, checking on print quality of final samples, thinking of the audiobook version, checking in on which distributors are picking up the book... So much more work than it seems! Well, at least for me. Learning a ton, though.

With all of that going on, there hasn't been time for new projects. I look forward to getting back to them (and writing) in late December!

Meanwhile, here's what's going in "ORTD" land:

  • Sample Available for Download! Want to get a head start? Then go ahead and download a sample you can read now -- or share with friends!
  • New Retailers Are Onboard! The book is now also available on Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and Thalia and Bol (Germany) -- see below. Many others are popping up too. Wohoo! It's nice to see options for our friends in different countries. That way they don't have to wait for shipments from the US.
  • Proof Copies Are Looking Good! Proof copies are arriving so I can see how they are printing. This is tricky because they can be printed in different parts of the country (or globe), and that mean differences... But it is very exciting to hold the actual book in my hands! I hope you like it too.

What? How can you help, you ask?

Thanks for asking. That's nice of you! Here's how:
  • Tell Friends About It! Please help me get the word out by sharing the book with friends and family!
  • Leave a Review for the book when it comes out. Amazon and GoodReads are great places to do it. (While there, follow my author pages!)
  • Share on Social Media. Why not tag it with #OurRoadtoDamascus while at it?
  • Invite Folks to Join This Newsletter: It's free. It's (relatively) harmless. It is not that frequent. Why not?
  • Buy a Copy! Or another 2. Doh! :) You now have a choice of retailers... Look:

Oh, ORTD also made a couple of suggestions lists, check it out!

Read to Be Inspired and Uplifted -- Searching for a book that will inspire & uplift you? Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available for a limited time.

Books Make the Best Gift -- A list of of faith-friendly paperbacks to gift others this holiday season.

Looking for other reads while you wait for December 12?

Here's what's on my reading list these days:
What are you reading? What else would you want to know? Drop me a line!

THANK YOU for your support in getting the word out.

Here's to a smooth week for all of us. And may the printing gods be kind to us for the next 11 days.


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