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Our Road to Damascus Releases Today!

After a year on the "road" with Paul, I am happy to officially announce the release of "Our Road to Damascus" today! You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, IndieBound, Book Depository and others! Digital or paper. Take your pick.

Our Road to Damascus has been a year in the making. It all started with a couple of pages in London in December of 2019 before we (literally) closed the book on it in San Diego, 250 pages later.

It's not a religious book. It's a book about personal transformation and the universal challenges we will face on our way to a more meaningful life. Yes, it is about the Apostle Paul because he is one of the most incredible examples of transformation in history. But it really is a lot more about you and me, about the wisdom we can extract from his experience and apply to our lives.

It's a slightly different take than most people are used to when talking about Paul, but that's sort of the point. We need to do things differently if we want to move forward.

If you are up for it, the book goes into 7 lessons:

  1. Alone But in a Group
  2. A Destabilizing Moment
  3. The Courageous Question
  4. The Temporary Blindness
  5. The Decision to Go Ahead
  6. The Unexpected Help
  7. A Different Damascus
But I won't rehash the whole thing. I'll leave it up to you to dive into a sample or join me for the full experience on the road to Damascus. ;)

You can choose to read the introductory bit about Paul or jump straight into the lessons. You can use the study questions at the end or not. Your journey, your call...

...I'm just grateful. I am thankful for Paul's lasting example, thankful for my family who put up with me setting time aside to write, and thankful to you for considering joining me on this journey.

I've learned a lot. One of the most fulfilling parts of this journey has been to discover that there are people in different parts of the world who actually want to read the book. From Dublin, London, Rio de Janeiro, and Nassau, to various cities in the US, I cannot thank all of you who supported me by name. It would be too many to list -- and then you would DEFINITELY unsubscribe from this newsletter... ;) Thank you all for adding to my journey. I hope the book may add something to yours too.

At least the cover is pretty cool and will look good on your book shelf. ;)

So, now what?

Now I wait to see what YOU think. If you are up for it, I'd be honored to earn your readership. You can purchase the book via one the links above or simply visit danassisi.com to see most of them.

What else? Here's what else would help:
  • Tell Friends About It! Please help me get the word out by sharing the book with friends and family!
  • Leave a Review for the book after you read it. Amazon and GoodReads are great places to do it. (While there, follow my author pages!)
  • Share on Social Media. Why not tag it with #OurRoadtoDamascus while at it? When your copy arrives, take a picture of you holding it and share!
  • Invite Folks to Join This Newsletter: It's free. It's (relatively) harmless. It is not that frequent. Why not?
  • Buy a Copy! Or another 2. Doh! :) You now have a choice of retailers... Look:

Oh, ORTD is also available as a cool hard cover, BTW.

That's right, we are going fancy. AND the dust jacket outside is slightly different than the cover inside -- just an added touch! ;) I'll post a video about it later...

THANK YOU AGAIN for your support.

I could not do this without you.

I hope to see you soon on the road!


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