Our Road to Damascus

7 Lessons for a Life of Purpose and Meaning

One ancient story. Seven new lessons about life and change.

The world feels overwhelming. So much is happening that everything seems chaotic and confusing. Deep inside we also know things could be different, that life could be better. We feel the need for change.

How do we make sense of it all? How do we move past the discomfort we are feeling and navigate toward meaningful change? What lies ahead in our journey of personal growth?

To help us through it, internationally acclaimed speaker Dan Assisi transforms an old story told countless times before into something new and deeply relevant to our times.

In Our Road to Damascus, Paul of Tarsus’ famous journey is not a religious story – it is a tale of profound transformation filled with rich symbolism we can transfer into our daily lives.

Dr. Assisi uncovers 7 lessons from Paul’s journey to Damascus that help us navigate the challenges we face in life and find the happiness we seek. At the end, we are left with a blueprint for understanding change and acting on personal growth that will stick with you forever.
“Loneliness, loss, failure, doubt, confusion, hope, direction, faith… A Paul like you have never seen before. Our Road to Damascus is practical wisdom that transcends time. It hits so close to home it will leave you gaping…”

“Loved it!”

“… it would be a mistake to assume that this book is for Christians alone… [We] recommend this book to ALL readers …”

(Reedsy Discovery)

As we examine one of the greatest personal transformations in recorded history with fresh eyes, we learn about the challenges we will face in our own lives. We begin to understand that these seemingly chaotic and unexpected events are actually different parts of a connected journey we all must move through on our way to fulfillment and growth. Once we understand the road ahead, the walking is made easier.

In Our Road to Damascus we will follow in Paul’s footsteps to:

    • Revisit and old story through a new perspective that will change the way you see the apostle Paul and his journey of transformation for the better;
    • Realize hardship and confusion are indicators that growth is coming;
    • Re-evaluate our life goals;
    • Embrace discomfort as a component of personal development;
    • Learn to manage confusion and uncertainty; and
    • Remember to open ourselves to the help that always comes for us.

Our Road to Damascus is an approach to spirituality steeped in reason. It is a new take on religion with no dogmas. It weaves in science, poetry, biology, philosophy, and psychology to craft a beautiful tapestry of rational faith that speaks to both heart and mind. It is the wisdom of the Gospel shown in a way you have never seen before.
This is a book for anyone who is going through difficult times or wants to change and is wondering: what is happening? what comes next? If you enjoy seeing different concepts connect to create a bigger picture that can help you navigate life, this book is for you. 


“Though a serious book, the author has made it enjoyable by using simple language and by blending in humor and brief digressions of interest at several places.”

“… if you are sufficiently mature and open-minded, Our Road to Damascus is definitely for YOU.” 

(Reedsy Discovery)


Discover what lies ahead in your road to Damascus today.

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