Our Road to Damascus

7 Lessons for a Life of Purpose and Meaning

One ancient story. Seven new lessons about life and change.

See Paul with new eyes. Rediscover a story you thought you knew. 

Our Road to Damascus transforms an old story told countless times before into something new and deeply relevant to our times. 

In this award-winning book, Paul of Tarsus’ famous journey is not just a religious story told in churches and Sunday schools – it is a tale of profound transformation filled with rich symbolism we can transfer into our daily lives, regardless of if you consider yourself religious or not. 

Our Road to Damascus is a blueprint for understanding change and acting on personal growth that will stick with you forever. Pick it up today to uncover 7 lessons from Paul’s journey to Damascus that help us navigate the challenges we face in life and find the happiness we seek. 

Discover what lies ahead on your road to Damascus today.

Awards & Recognition

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