Congratulations on winning an audiobook copy of Our Road to Damascus!

I’m honored and excited that you want to join me on the road to self-transformation. Your audiobook copy is the full unabridged version you will find in all online retailers. 

Start listening in less than three minutes by following these three easy steps: 



Redeem Your Code

The first step is to visit https://authors-direct.com/redeem/ to redeem your code for a free full version of the audiobook.

Please note: Authors Direct, where your free copy lives, is currently only available for users in the United States, EU, UK, Australia, and Canada.


Download the Authors Direct App

After redeeming your code online, check your email for a link to download and login into the free Authors Direct app. 

Don’t want to wait? You can also download the app here: 



Listen to the Audiobook!

Once you login to the Authors Direct app, you will see your full copy of Our Road to Damascus waiting for you.

All you have to do now is listen!

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