Giveaway: 100 Kindle Copies of Our Road to Damascus

I am happy to announce I am giving away 100 copies of Our Road to Damascus for Kindle on December 20 via GoodReads!

Did you need a good excuse to pick the book up? Well, wait no more: enter my giveaway at GoodReads to win 1 of 100 Kindle copies of Our Road to Damascus on December 20. No strings attached. 

On December 20, GoodReads will automatically draw 100 names from the pool of entries and issue you a full copy of the book that is yours to keep. It is like giving yourself a gift, basically. 🙂 Just in time for Christmas.

Good luck! 



Here’s the direct link, if you prefer: 


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Our Road to Damascus by Dan Assisi

Our Road to Damascus

by Dan Assisi

Giveaway ends December 20, 2020.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway



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