ORTD is a Semifinalist of Publishers Weekly’s BookLife Prize

Happy to share that Our Road to Damascus made the semifinalists’ list of Publisher Weekly’s BookLife Prize!

Only twenty books from four nonfiction categories advanced to the semifinal round of the BookLife Prize Nonfiction Contest. Five semifinalists from each of the four categories were selected by Publishers Weekly and BookLife staff and advance to the next round of the contest. Our Road to Damascus joins 4 other books in the “Inspirational/Spiritual” category. (The three other categories are: Personal/Business Finance, Self-Help/Relationships, and Memoir.)

You can read more about it on the official announcement here.

I am thrilled that “ORTD” has been selected by the BookLife Prize to be a semifinalist — and look forward to having more readers join us in a journey of personal growth to “Damascus”!

Our Road to Damascus is available for purchase in hardcover, paperback, and e-book in multiple retailers.



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