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Giveaway: 100 Kindle Copies of Our Road to Damascus

I am happy to announce I am giving away 100 copies of Our Road to Damascus for Kindle on December 20 via GoodReads! Did you …

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Our Road to Damascus Launches Today

After a year on the “road” with Paul, I am happy to officially announce the release of “Our Road toDamascus” today! You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A …

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New Website, New Blog Coming Up!

Time for a new website — and blog! As we prepare to launch “Our Road to Damascus”, why not go for a web refresh too? …

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The End of Times? Yes, Please.

Many people worry the end of times may come soon. I worry it is not coming soon enough. Hear me out.

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We Are “Spiritual” Glaciers

It takes 100 feet of snow to, overtime, form one foot of strong, blue glacier ice. That’s just amazing to me. That’s also not unlike our spiritual evolution.

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The Spirit of the Reformation and the Next 500 Years

Exactly 500 years ago, the world witnessed the beginnings of a transformation that changed religious thinking and practice forever: the Protestant Reformation. What are the next 500 going to be like?

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Praise for ORTD

“a book that succeeds in the tricky feat of being intriguingly spiritual without being explicitly religious.”

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